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Looking for The Right Fertility Doctor? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Looking for The Right Fertility Doctor? Here’s What You Need to Know

We have all been there. Thinking, deciding, and rethinking about The Right Fertility doctor to choose.

If you have been battling with fertility issues, then you would know how hard yet important it is to choose the right fertility doctor.

If you are just starting out, then you should know the significance this first step holds. This decision of yours will influence your whole journey. Hence it is up to you to make the right decision to choose the right fertility doctor.

Before going into details about choosing the right fertility doctor, here’s an essential prerequisite that everyone should understand.


In the initial stages when the fertility problems arise, many go to their gynecologists hoping that it is something temporary. They do not wish to accept the fact that they have fertility issues by going to a fertility doctor. And not many gynecologists immediately recommend a fertility doctor. They start out by giving medicines and trying all kinds of treatments and when nothing works out, they finally direct to a fertility doctor.


But that’s where you lose precious time! The percentage of conceiving reduces as your age increases and when you waste that valuable time trying the random treatments that the gynecologist tries, you are decreasing the possibility of getting pregnant. When it is been a while that you are trying, and your gynecologist’s treatment doesn’t work out, accept the fact that you may have fertility issues and get it checked out by a fertility doctor. Though it may be hard to face the fact of the possibility, be brave enough and take a step in the right direction.


So if you have been clinically diagnosed with fertility issues, now comes the part where you have to choose the right fertility doctor.


Choosing The Right Fertility Doctor


There are a lot of fertility doctors and fertility clinics in India. While it is an advantage on one side, it also becomes a disadvantage when you have to search from the sea of fertility doctors. To choose the right fertility doctor is the most important step in increasing the probability of solving the fertility problems. There are many options by which you can get to know about the fertility doctors. You can shortlist a list of around three fertility doctors from it.


Ask your gynecologist

This is supposedly the easier option if your gynecologist is open to considering the possibility of fertility issues. Even if not, it is better to ask a doctor’s suggestion. And if you want to just check for the first time to see if you have fertility issues, then your gynecologist can guide you well in that aspect.


Get recommendations from other patients

In a poll conducted by Fertility Dost, 83% of the people said that they found their right fertility doctor from recommendations.


Maybe you know someone who had fertility issues before, but was able to give birth to a baby successfully after going for infertility treatments. Generally, these kinds of people will have good knowledge and firsthand experience about some fertility doctors and clinics and will be able to give you a better insight. You can ask them to refer you to a fertility doctor who was the best in their experience.


Surf, browse, research

The Internet is a great resource to get a good idea to help you start with. Browse the internet and look for details about the experienced and most popular fertility doctors in your city. Google reviews are a great place to see both good and bad reviews and experiences of patients. Collect as many details as you can.


When researching about fertility doctors, consider the feasibility too. If the doctor visits in the other side of the city, then it may be difficult for you to go back and forth if you have to opt for treatments, which may cause more anguish and stress. Decide what’s best for you, considering your level of comfort with it.


Is The Fertility Doctor ‘The One’?

From the list of three final shortlisted fertility doctors, you will be deciding the topmost preferred fertility doctor to visit. You are going to blindly put your belief in someone else’s hands. Hence, think twice and thrice more before zeroing in on one fertility doctor. How can you know that the doctor is a perfect fit for you?




  • Get the second opinion about doctor. Our Fertility Dost member gives a valuable tip – always take the second opinion regarding the doctor. We generally get second opinions for the treatments, but having a second opinion about the doctor you pick will give you more perspective.
  • Collect specific facts. Before visiting a fertility doctor, know all the details of the fertility doctor like experience, qualification, expertise, reviews, and the success rate of the doctor, location, and the facilities available in the clinics they visit.


One of our Fertility Dost members recommends having friendly chats with other patients while waiting in the clinic to see the doctor to get a better insight about how the doctor is.


  • See how approachable he/she is. If you are confident about the credibility, then when you are meeting the fertility doctor, see how much attention they give to you and how they behave with you. This is a vital factor as you have to feel comfortable in speaking with them and they will also need to listen to what you talk and give attention to you.


  • Ask a lot of questions. Why do I need to go for this treatment? What will be the next steps after this? Where exactly is the problem? How can I contact you in case of emergencies? Is there any alternate way? How will this test be done?


Ask all the questions that are crowding your mind!


Our Fertility Dost member gives an important tip, “Doctor who tells the exact percentage of your success regarding conceiving is genuine. If she/he says that we will try this and that first, then it means she is confused about the procedure she/he needs to follow”, and it isn’t a wise idea to go for such doctors.


Hence, asking questions is the way to know how efficient your doctor is. You have the right to ask as many questions as you want to and it the responsibility of the doctor to clear all your doubts.


  • How trustworthy do you think he/she is? Trust is a major factor which you cannot force yourself to develop. Unless you have trust in your doctor, this journey will look much worse and to develop that trust is as much as their responsibility as is yours.


Even if you have an ounce of doubt with your first option, get a consultation with the second preferred fertility doctor. In these times, it is best to follow your gut. Maybe the second one was the ‘meant-to-be’ for you! Be sure to check the above criteria with the doctor you visit.


In the end, the right fertility doctor can actually do wonders for you! And your comfortableness with the doctor is very essential in providing an emotional strength and support for your inner self. It may start off as a daunting task to choose the right fertility doctor, but all your efforts can be rewarded at the end of this journey.

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