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Insensitivity Of Infertility Clinic | #OpenUp Series

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Insensitivity Of Infertility Clinic | #OpenUp Series

Exposing Infertility Clinic Insensitivity: A Call for Change

Recently, I came across an advertisement by a leading IVF & infertility clinic in Gurgaon:

Limited Time Offer:

Book your IVF cycle before XX.YY date and in case it does not result in a positive pregnancy, we shall refund 15% of your IVF package

How insensitive.

Do you guys think we will run around your hospital for that 15% refund after an IVF failure? Won’t we have enough depression on our minds to struggle with? Or, maybe you know that we will not come back for refund and that’s why the lure.

Whatever, it is! This surely is very disturbing and insensitive.

The trauma that a woman’s body and mind goes through during an IVF cycle can never be compensated by 15% refund.

A lot of infertility clinics treat couples as golden egg laying hens. As these couples are doomed by bad karma and they are desperate to have a baby they should be stripped of all dignity. Consider them as ATM machines who will keep churning out as much money as clinics demand. And, God forbid if you ask a logical question or demand a reason for a particular treatment or test then you will get such condescending looks invoking the wrath of clinics. How dare you question us? We are doing a favour by trying to give baby to doomed people like you.

Well, they are the Gods on Earth – that is the demeanour they put on. If you want to have a baby then you better put up with all this s**t.

Remember you have not sinned. Infertility is just an illness and it should be treated like that, like any other disease. And, infertility clinic should not be the one to judge us.

Have you come across such insensitive behaviour? Do tell us your bad experiences and nightmares here.

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