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From Counsellor’s Diary – Story Of Donor Eggs

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From Counsellor’s Diary – Story Of Donor Eggs

Kya aap hindi me baat kar payengi? Meri English bahut kharab hai”. Some names are hard to forget and some places are hard to search.


Never heard of the place named Dahod in Gujarat so a curious glimmer came in my eyes while talking to Lataben (name changed). I asked for her name twice and then hesitantly called her Lata without adding ‘ben’.

Her shrill voice still makes me smile while penning down this story.

There was no fear, no doubt, no qualm or any other kind of skepticism in her talking pattern.


She connected with me after reading an article about Fertility Dost in the newspaper while having her morning tea.


Newspaper Article


A simple conversation soon turned into a concerned discussion. Several findings with different doctors made her realise the incapability of her ovaries to produce eggs.


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She discussed her decision to go ahead with donor eggs with an unwavering voice which never lost the serenity of her individuality. I advised her to be 100% sure about her decision because once into it she would not be able to step back. I suggested her various upbeat factors which are associated with donor cases.


Almost after a month, I texted her again to check on her decision of going ahead with donor IVF cycle and promptly I received her reply, “Ji Ma’am procedure shuru kar diya hai”. 

After reading this, I started jotting down her story but was hesitated to post it. May be I was waiting for her happy approval.

Few more days passed, I was still waiting for Lata’s message or call.

Meanwhile, I thought of contacting her but I stopped myself as I did not want to show my curiosity or to influence her decision.

I was itching to complete this story and my eagerness was transported to Lata and she finally called me and simply said “Namastey Ma’am! Kaise hai aap. Aapko batana tha ki meri report positive aayee hai. Main pregnant hu wahi donor egg se. Thank you aapney mujhe himmat di”. 

And yes, this story is ready for posting.

Simple lady Lataben made me aware of the simplicity of life through her simple talks. And we make our life hard through our complicated thoughts.

And now I am waiting for the GOOD NEWS.


Purnima Sood

Community Manager, Fertility Dost

Life Coach and Certified Adoption Councellor


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