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Quarantined with Infertility? A Counselor’s Guide to Finding Strength

The year 2020 filled me with joy as I had planned every move starting from January till March. After a year of waiting and working on some primary issues, we are finally ready to begin our fertility journey with new hope and confidence.

I got early that morning as I wanted to be on time for my appointment with specialist.

We arrived with a smile on our faces and spring in our steps.

All went well as I provided my blood samples and ultrasound had gone perfectly well. We were waiting for our medications when the staff nurse announced, “Sorry, we are postponing the procedures till further information. “



We were shocked and somewhat reluctant to leave the clinic but were left with no other choice. Our parenthood hopes were taken away from us. And we were shattered deep inside.

This time doctors assured us of a positive result as we covered all weak parameters and reached the healthy start of our journey. We were confident about this cycle and already planned to disclose the Good News to our immediate family after 3 months.

For me, the hardest part is to accept this change. I have already applied for 6 months leave from my office. I had booked tickets for my mother to come over and be with me. And now, the whole situation is out of control.



Now there’s uncertainty, unending wait, financial glitch and lot more.

My family is advising me to relax and take it as a golden opportunity to work on my health and relationship. They told us to try naturally as we have ample time at our disposal, but with this hitch in my mind, would I be able to justify the natural conception? I was on my fertility journey and suddenly all roads were blocked. There’s this feeling of guilt and shame in me as if the whole pandemic situation is created by me.



But slowly I am taking things easy. This sudden situation made me realise the value of self-care. I can’t control the situation but yes, I can work and focus on other things like Eating Healthy, Getting Enough Sleep, Starting My Day With Yoga & Meditation, Listening To Music And Even Working On My Cooking Skills.


I am making my stay home days Happy Healthy & Hilarious.



Purnima Sood

Community Manager, Fertility Dost

Life Coach and Certified Adoption Councellor


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