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Do Day Event

Do Day Event

Introduction of Do Day Event

Fertility Dost, India’s trusted community for managing fertility and hormone health issues for women and couples, along with the support of DO Day School Germany and Nexus, organized an event on the 18thof Oct, 2019. Under the tag line of “She Wins, We Win”, the theme chosen and decided by Fertility Dost was “How to make healthcare accessible”. Our organization took this opportunity as a great chance for bringing required positive change in the society. Through this workshop held at American Centre, Fertility Dost bought women health and wellness entrepreneurs together on one table. The idea was to network with a purpose to train and learn with design thinking principles and to come out with some concrete steps in this segment. Being a proactive organization in the healthcare industry, Fertility Dost used this theme for bringing the industry closer with the vision to touch the lives of around 50000 plus women in the near future.

Details of the discussion help at the event

The event was facilitated by Akshat Raghava, who is Delhi based independent designer specializing in product lighting, packaging and furniture & jewellery design. Several points came forward during the discussions which need to be looked upon regarding the health of women. Few of the important points discussed have been listed below:


1.Mental and emotional health needs more awareness as these are still hush-hush topics amongst the society, especially for women. Nobody wants to accept or open up regarding any issue related to emotional or mental condition. The idea put forward was to make women understand the reciprocations of ignoring the initial stages or symptoms of emotional and mental health. They need to know that accepting and taking required help in the positive direction will improve their situation and lots of related issues can be kept at bay.


2.Women of all age group should be chosen to provide with the healthcare knowledge and measures related to the same. Be it a teenage girl or a middle aged woman or someone in her older age, everyone should have the basic knowledge regarding the problems associated with their respective age. They should know the basic symptoms and have the acceptance to come forward for taking the required help.


3.Rural areas need to be targeted more as there are several places where even discussing about illness and problems of women is a big taboo. Such communities need to be made aware regarding the issues related to women health and the bigger problems coming along, if ignored or left unattended.


4.One of the most prominent points discussed was to make health activities and its assessment more convenient and comfortable. The idea which came forward was to generate awareness in a fun way, so that the heaviness and seriousness related to the respective illness or health disorder should subside and it becomes easier for the people, especially women to understand the graveness of the situation and problems associated by ignoring such issues.

Proposal which were decided and planned post the event


1. We plan to pick up the influencers from all the classes and sectors of the society, who are socially motivated and plan to bring the change for social cause. They will be trained over a decent period of time and then placed to touch the lives of other women in their localities and areas. With this we plan to touch the lives of around 10000 women by the end of the year and hopefully the number keeps on increasing with each passing year.

2. We came forward with the idea of Self- accessed health tools where people can assess their health and related issues on our website in an entertaining and fun way and can judge their lifestyle on the mentioned parameters. Since it will be a free assessment tool, so there will be no hassle about the number of times assessment done or the monetary constraints.

We, at Fertility Dost, plan to create a benchmark in the healthcare industry by generating awareness and making healthcare accessible to all and one. If we really want to do it, we will find a way and several hands will join together in making it happen!!

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