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Despite Low AMH I Conceived Naturally With Holistic Fertility Management

Despite Low AMH I Conceived Naturally With Holistic Fertility Management

At age 28, I knew my AMH level was 1.2 only. My biological clock was ticking fast. Fortunately, I conceived naturally, got pregnant at age 32 with Low AMH 0.5 and delivered a healthy baby girl. Happy ending! Right? But the truth is – It was one hell of a journey! Today, I am sharing my story to the world with the hope of inspiring other couples struggling with infertility to not give up and fight infertility head-on. All I want to say is –


You can get pregnant with low AMH.

All you need is,



Hi – I am Sarmistha Chakraborty



I am from West Bengal, Durgapur. Talking about my childhood – I was a very pampered child. My parents were overprotective and caring throughout. I got to know about my true independent nature during my college days when I had to leave for a hostel, away from my parents’ protective shell. It was only then, that I realized how strong, independent, straightforward, and opinionated woman I am.


I Met Him In School


We met in school, became friends, then BFF’s and eventually love blossomed. Subho is a chilled-out guy. He loves to go with the flow and doesn’t like to indulge in any sort of crisis. Someone rightly said – Opposites attract!

Hitched in 2016, ours was a traditional Bengali wedding. We both were 27 years old then. I was working as an Analyst and he went into Sales. We both got busy in our careers.


By the end of 2017, we went for preconception counselling to be sure of not having any kind of health issues.

My reports said – Low AMH 1.2

Doctors suggested, ‘You might need IVF for conception.’

Not knowing the consequences, I and Subho didn’t pay much attention.

By June 2018, we bought our first house. And with this came more responsibilities. Although we kept trying for conception, it was never our priority. And just like that, it was the year 2020 and I never conceived.

In the cold weather of December 2020, while chit-chatting my neighbour opened upto me about her infertility situation. I could feel her emotions and so, I too confided about my infertility struggles. She recommended her doctor to me.

On visiting the doctor, she did all the required tests. I was shocked to see that


I said to myself – ‘Now I have no chance to get pregnant naturally.’

The doctor suggested- 3 cycles of IUI before opting for IVF.


IUI Treatment Started


First cycle – 25th Jan 2021

11th Feb Pregnancy Test – Positive. I was happy.

But my baby had no heartbeat!

I wasn’t convinced. How is this possible? God can’t be so harsh to me & my baby. So, we went for 2nd opinion. The 2nd doctor also confirmed the same.

I Aborted My Baby.

My life shattered.

I went into depression.

My relationship with my husband was affected the most.


The Wise Advice – Consult Fertility Dost


It was the end of March 2021. Almost 2 months after the first failed IUI. I was still grieving over the loss. One fine day, my sister-in-law suggested Subho about Fertility Dost. She spoke about it with so high regard that Subho asked me to seek help from them. To be honest, I needed help and he sensed it.

When I first spoke to team Fertility Dost, I felt assured that things will be fine. Their especially curated holistic plans to boost fertility health were really interesting and promising. I joined the Fertility Coach Program and started with Fertility Ayurveda and Fertility Yoga.

Was in May 2021, during one of my yoga classes I felt dizzy. My coach asked me to go slow and check my periods dates. But I was convinced that it is just a normal weakness and has nothing to do with my periods. Soon I realized that my periods are skipped by 3 days!

Without informing anyone, I took my pregnancy kit to the washroom and checked. It was not the first time I was using this kit. It was also not the first time I was expecting it to be positive. It was not the first time that destiny played with my emotions by showing only one pink line. I have been through it several times and failed all the time. Hence, I never believed my destiny to bring the joy of motherhood, especially when I was least expecting it to.

I waited just 2 secs to see the results.

I saw one pink line and threw it in the dustbin.


My Inner Voice



Suddenly after a few hours, I felt like checking that pregnancy kit again. When I saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

It had 2 pink lines!

Immediately I informed Subho. He was very happy and kept saying – “We did it Mishti, We did It”!

I was happy but at the same time was anxious too. This was not the first time, I was pregnant. I was pregnant earlier too. This thought made me nervous. What if, again I have to go through abortion? What if again this pregnancy is not successful? All these negative thoughts clouded my mind.


The Holistic Fertility Management Support

On discussing my mental state with the Fertility Dost team, they suggested I take Fertility Acupressure sessions. Since I was pregnant, I stopped Fertility Yoga but continued with Fertility Ayurveda along with Fertility Acupressure sessions. And it helped.

July First Week – I heard my baby’s heartbeat. It was 153 bpm.

Tears rolled down my eyes.

It was a successful natural conception. A miracle for us! 

9 Months Pregnancy Was Not Easy

Things have never come easily to me. I had bleeding, down syndrome susceptibility, high blood pressure and was categorized on the high-risk pregnancy list. Considering my vulnerable situation, the Fertility Dost team suggested I take meditation sessions. Trust me, it helped me a lot to calm down and stay positive.


Finally, on 4th Jan 2022 I delivered my beautiful baby girl

“ Jiyana Chakraborty”


Dear reader, if you stayed till the end with me then let me tell you that, infertility is traumatic but if you seek expert guidance then this journey gets a little easier. It took me 3 years to open up and ask for help. Doctors will only treat your medical condition but a community like Fertility Dost will handhold you in your weaker moments and guide you in the correct direction to achieve your goals faster.

If you are trying to conceive or planning for a fertility treatment like IVF, IUI, ICSI, or other treatments, then connect with Fertility Dost to get faster successful results.


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At Fertility Dost, we holistically help women & couples to boost their fertility health. Many top & renowned IVF Doctors recommend practicing holistic fertility management for a successful IVF cycle. Infertility conditions like low AMH, PCOS, endometriosis, hormonal imbalance, fibroids & cysts, thin endometrium lining, and many more such conditions can be cured holistically.

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