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Can Male or Female Masturbation lead to infertility? | HELL NO

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Can Male or Female Masturbation lead to infertility? | HELL NO

Do you believe that there exists a link between masturbation and fertility? Do you believe that self-pleasure can impact your chances of trying to conceive?The internet can serve as an online encyclopedia, with information about anything at any time but with that vast amount of information, we might stumble across facts that are not true and get caught up in misconceptions. This article allows you to separate the myths and facts surrounding the link between fertility and masturbation.


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Debunking the myths surrounding Female Masturbation

Female masturbation has remained a taboo for the longest time, but with recent times calling for creating a positive atmosphere for female self-pleasure, the knowledge and information available on the topic has increased as well. One of the most frequent questions that women have is if masturbation can reduce their fertility or have any impact on it. And to put it shortly- No. Several studies to date that have undertaken the study of the link between female masturbation and fertility have all concluded that there is NO DIRECT RELATIONSHIP between masturbation and fertility.Misconceptions frequently lead women to believe that increased masturbation can result in decreased fertility arises from social stigmas with no scientific backing.


“It might actually be a good thing for women who are trying to conceive and stressed out as a result Masturbation triggers the secretion of endorphins that are feel-good chemicals. It can act as a stress-reliever, elevate your mood and take your mind off your worries, even if for a short while, and at the same time activate areas of your brain associated with pleasure.” 

– Dr. Sulbha Arora, Clinical Director, Nova IVF Mumbai.


Can Female Masturbation help improve fertility?

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While there is no conclusive evidence to state any direct relationship between self-pleasure and fertility, there have been certain factors associated with it which may help boost fertility. Some factors are:

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Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

1. Orgasms

While it is time again proven that frequent orgasms can provide several health benefits, recent studies might indicate a positive link between orgasms and fertility. Some studies show that there is a slight chance that orgasms might enable easier transport of the sperm to the uterus due to increased levels of oxytocin. These studies however are still at a very preliminary stage. Although the studies on direct links do not suggest anything as for now, it has been noted that orgasms can significantly help reduce stress and relax the body. Stress has been one of the major barriers to healthy conception, hence orgasms via masturbation may play a secondary role in assisting conception. Furthermore, the release of oxytocin allows for a healthier mind and can help you bond with your partner. Studies show that a better bond and connection between partners may help improve the chances of conception.


2. Healthy Mind 

Studies have shown that masturbation and self-pleasure occasionally can significantly improve the mental state of a woman which may improve reproductive health.Unfortunately, misconceptions lead several women to believe that masturbation can indeed reduce fertility, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this. It is essential to understand that infertility in women may be caused due to several underlying or genetic conditions and masturbation cannot directly impact it. PCOS, blocks in fallopian tubes, and other factors may result in infertility, furthermore, excessive consumption of tobacco, narcotics, or alcohol may contribute to the condition.

Male Masturbation and infertility

Although frequent or excessive masturbation does not lead to infertility, if you masturbate very frequently during your partner’s fertile period, you are not allowing enough time for a good number of sperms to build up in your epididymis and be released into your partner’s vagina during intercourse, thereby lowering her chances of conceiving. This is especially significant for men with borderline or low sperm counts. For men with a normal sperm count, it may not make much of a difference.”

– Dr. Sulbha Arora


To put it, despite several reports stating that male masturbation can result in decreased sperm count and infertility in men, the truth is MASTURBATION DOES NOT LEAD TO INFERTILITY. Reports suggest that there are several benefits to masturbation including a reduction in the chance of prostate cancer and also reduced stress.  Contrary to common belief, masturbation in moderation does not impact the quality of sperm.


Yet again, we ought to keep in mind that anything in excess is too bad. An unhealthy amount of masturbation however can have some physical and mental impact. Frequent masturbation can be a barrier to the process of healthy intercourse as the partner is usually left exhausted. Furthermore, an excessive amount of masturbation may result in difficulty in achieving an orgasm and this can be concerning for couples trying to get pregnant. It is, therefore, best to keep masturbation to a limited amount.


A Healthy Sex-Positive Attitude is a Must

Masturbation is and Should be considered a healthy practice as it allows an individual to get in touch with their body and understand your likes and dislikes.


While planning a pregnancy and trying to conceive, both partners need to be in the right frame of mind and share a strong bond. Self-pleasure and the dialogue around it are very important to create a sex-positive image which in turn will result in improved reproductive health and might even help with conception. It is very important to consult a right medical professional before planning a pregnancy to take the essential steps to ensure the health and well being of yourself.


The bottom line remains that masturbation is a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do and one must not fall prey to myths and misconceptions on the internet that state otherwise. There appears to be no negative correlation between masturbation and fertility to date. So, if you’re facing fertility issues, it’s not masturbation. You can always connect with our experts through our Fertility Coach Program, and we’ll help you to navigate through the correct lifestyle changes, so that you can get you good news very soon.

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Thank you for this information. Thank you for this information.


I am 22 years female I was doing masturbation since I was 18 even I I am 22 years female I was doing masturbation since I was 18 even I am doing masturbation in my periods so is it harmful when I get marry someone and plan a baby after marriage? And also is it harmful for my partner health ?


Thanks for your response Thanks for your response