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Can Infertility Be Reversed with Fertility Diet?

Fertility Diet, Nutrition
Can Infertility Be Reversed with Fertility Diet?

Most women don’t pay much attention to their daily diet until a medical condition forces them to. In fact, if men and women consciously consume a healthy, balanced diet regularly, they may not need to worry about problems that they may otherwise encounter. For instance, infertility can be taken care of if the concerned organs and hormones function without a glitch. And what can ensure that? Yes…right foods! Fertility diet will definitely help you along the TTC journey.

So, in this article we are going to try and find out if food has a connection with infertility. That is, can infertility be reversed with alterations in the diet?


How Fertility Diet Helps?


The first point that I must drive in very clearly is that infertility is an issue that couples have to deal with together. It is not caused by problems with the female anatomy alone. So, whatever foods we suggest for intake is applicable to men and women alike, unless specifically stated otherwise.

1.      Fertility diet helps to strengthen immunity making you strong from inside and prepares for conception.

2.      The side-effect of strong medicines and progesterone injections used during IUI and IVF can be controlled with fertility diet otherwise you will end up having gastritis and weak immunity; falling sick every now and then.

3.      Conscious and healthy diet keeps you away from depression which is common during infertility journey. Extreme food habit like either binge eating or not eating at all especially after a failure of treatment, further derails the treatment.

4.      Controls weight and hormones – both essential to success of infertility treatments.

5.      If PCOD or endometriosis is a main reason causing infertility then fertility diet helps to control excesses. Try Ayurveda also in this case.

However, fertility diet is just good eating habit. Remember, miracle won’t happen if you follow this diet to the ‘T’ but we promise a healthy body and mind that will endure the infertility journey better and keep you prepared for the good news which is just around the corner.

The first myth that surrounds infertility treatment is that it includes expensive and sophisticated tests and procedures. Those who believe this will be surprised to hear that sometimes, all that is required is choosing the right foods. Yes…it’s that simple!


9 Important Ingredients Of A Perfect Fertility Diet


Let’s look at some changes that you need to make to your diet to boost fertility:

1.      Never miss out on proteins: And by protein, I mean that available from plant sources—beans and nuts. Avoid too much of protein from meat sources as they are high in calories and may not help reduce weight. Losing weight is believed to make conception easy.

2.      Don’t skip milk and dairy products: Try to consume one or two servings a day of whole milk. Also include full-fat dairy products such as yoghurt and paneer. Women who are more on low fat dairy products are known to run the risk of ovulatory infertility. A word of caution here. Milk may be a good source of protein but is also high on estrogen. Some studies have shown that excess of estrogen could be a cause for PCOS and endometriosis. Therefore, keep a check on your daily consumption.

3.      Are you a fruit person? If not, become one: The best fruits to aid fertility are avocados. Packed with vitamins, essential fats, carbohydrates and fiber, this fruit helps to improve the lining of the uterus. Pomegranates, rich in Vitamin C, K, folic acid and minerals were considered as symbols of fertility in ancient Persia.

4.      Go Vegan; Do away with processed grains: Did you know that beetroots are rich in nitrates and are the best known source of the antioxidant, resveratrol. This is a special antioxidant that is known to aid age-related infertility. Besides beetroot, eat lots of vegetables like lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage etc. Keep processed foods, sugar and starch away. Instead concentrate more on nutrition-packed carbohydrates from vegetables such as sweet potatoes and squash.

5.      Fish out the Salmon: Of all the fishes, salmon is best for cardiovascular health and improved functioning of the eyes and brain. It is a rich source of protein and omega 3 which boosts female fertility. Avoid sushi or any raw fish; they are known to be high in mercury and hence not suitable for couples trying to boost fertility.

6.      Go for healthy fats: This can be obtained from coconut, coconut oil, olive, butter, eggs and nuts. Avoid foods rich in trans-fat such as biscuits, chocolates, chips and fries. These may increase your risk of infertility by almost 70 percent.

7.      Cut down on caffeine and alcohol: There are several theories about the effects of caffeine on fertility, pregnancy and miscarriage. All point to the same thing—cut down on the daily intake of coffee. Period. In fact, you may consider doing away with it altogether, if possible. Alcohol and smoking is not just harmful for women trying to conceive but for men as well. While a single glass is known to decrease fertility by 50 percent, smoking affects sperm quality and motility.

8.      Include multivitamin supplements: No matter how much natural foods we consume, doctors always recommend supplementary doses of multivitamins and folic acid just as an add on. It aids conception and protects the fetus from brain and spinal defects.

9.      Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water and fluids and at all times, stay hydrated. Less fluid may cause the cervical fluid to get sluggish.


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