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Can I Get Pregnant With Endometriosis?

Endometriosis, Natural Conception
Can I Get Pregnant With Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is one of the common reasons of infertility in women during their reproductive age. Endometriosis causes not only infertility but also painful periods, cramps, painful intercourse and bowel movements. Many young girls and women are unaware of symptoms of endometriosis and misunderstand severe painful periods as regular menstrual cycle symptoms. However, if you know your stage of endometriosis, then you might conceive naturally while still having endometrial cysts.


What Is Endometriosis?

  1. A painful condition in which tissue grows outside the uterus instead of growing inside the uterus or endometrium.
  2. It mostly involves your ovaries, fallopian tubes and tissue lining your pelvis.
  3. Usually the endometrial tissue thickens, breaks down and bleeds out with each menstrual cycle but because the tissue has grown outside the uterus it has no way to exit out of your body with periods. Hence, it stays back and keeps growing in the form of cysts.
  4. Due to this disturbance in tissue, a scar tissue is developed.
  5. Scar tissue then joins together to form a band of scar tissue or adhesions that causes two internal organs to stick to each other.
  6. As a result, it restricts their movements and organs are not able to perform normal and this leads to severe pain & infertility.
  7. Although there are some cases where women are asymptomatic to endometrial pain.



A Sharp Rise In Endometriosis

Many women are suffering in silence due to lack of awareness. About 25% of women having endometriosis suffer from fertility issues and more than 90% suffer from pain in different reproductive organs. Many doctors claim that there is a sharp rise of endometriosis cases in recent years, so much that it is now considered as a normal curable infertility condition. But the bitter truth is –

Endometriosis is still an alien infertility condition for majority of the population.


Endometriosis Pain Mistaken As Period Pain

Many girls & women complain of excessive pain during periods but by default have learned to accept and normalize this pain, because we grew up hearing things like –

“Periods mai pain toh hota hi hain, konsi baadi baat hain?”

“Shaadi ke baad periods mai changes aate hi hain, sehan karlo”

“Hey you are PMSing, Be strong! (Premenstrual Syndrome)

But if you are having these symptoms than don’t get mistaken as period pain.

1. Painful menstrual cramps

2. Pain during or after sex

3. Painful bowel movements

4. Painful urination during menstrual periods

5. Pain in the intestine or lower abdomen

6. Excessive bleeding during periods

7. Infertility

8. Other symptoms may be fatigue, constipation, bloating or nausea.


Early Diagnosis Can Cure Endometriosis

Timely diagnosis is the key to successful treatment of this condition.

Diagnosis for endometriosis

1. Pelvic exam

2. Ultrasound

3. MRI

4. Laparoscopy


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Can I Get Pregnant With Endometriosis?

Yes, you can. Though the process of getting pregnant will take longer, but around 60 % of women with minimal to mild endometriosis condition conceive naturally. However, women with severe endometriosis condition might need fertility treatment to get pregnant.

Risks of getting pregnant with endometriosis

  • Miscarriage
  • Preterm delivery
  • High blood pressure
  • Low lying placenta
  • Endometrial cancer
  • Cesarean deliveries


Fertility Coach Program Cures Endometriosis

We customize our fertility coach program depending upon the stage of endometrial cyst. In endometrial stage 1 & 2 then we don’t let the cyst grow further and in most of the cases we have successfully helped women to conceive naturally while still having mild to moderate cyst.

If the endometriosis cyst is of stage 3 or 4, then we recommend to get it surgical treated and after that we help women in her conception.

Our fertility coach program has successfully cured 80% of the endometriosis cases and helped women to conceive.

Benefits After Joining Fertility Coach Program

1. No more painful periods

2. No more heavy bleeding in periods

3. Reduced clotting in menstrual blood

4. Higher chances of natural conception in mild to moderate cases


Fertility Dost strongly recommends to first diagnose and treat endometriosis before planning for conception. Because the risk is high, as precious life of mother & child can be at stake. If you are still confused and want expert’s advice then Book Your Free Consultation Now! with us and get best solutions to your problem.

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