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Adoption Success Story After Multiple IVF Failures

Adoption Success Story After Multiple IVF Failures

Adoption success story of Purnima Sood can simultaneously bring tears and smile. resident of Gurgaon, Purnima fought with infertility and multiple IVF failures with a smile on her face. Now mother of a lovely girl, her journey to motherhood was filled with the pain of miscarriages and IVF failure, but all these struggles failed to deter the courage of this fun-loving lady who ‘found’ her daughter through adoption and ‘brought’ her home in 2008.


Her adoption success story journey brings hope and inspiration for childless couples with a message— Go for adoption not as a last option but as a choice! 


Purnima is here to share her story of adoption.


Reality Struck Hard | Fertility Journey Full of Emotions & Pain

I entered my married life with much hype and drama. Though, we never planned anything, when ‘that’ real thing was not happening after waiting for almost two years, we started looking for good doctors. I and my husband decided that whatever would come to our way we will positively accept it.


One of my relatives told me about Ayurveda treatment to cure infertility and we went for that. Though, it was difficult to have all that bitter churans and liquids, we tried that one also.


Another year passed on with no ‘good’ news. Then we zeroed in on our search on GangaRam hospital, Delhi. From here the real journey begins.


“Sometimes doctors’ behaviour hurts a lot. For them we are their customers with good package deals who could provide them good amount of profits.”


I started my treatment with Dr Abha Majumdar at Sir Ganga Ram hospital, Delhi. She is a well known doctor .Her success rate is good but I don’t know why the personal connection was missing. Maybe there’s so much professionalism now a days. During every visit we had to wait for 2-3 hours and when we were ushered inside, things used to get over within 10-15 mins . Most of the time, her assistant doctor would explain us the status and process. Dr Abha was hardly there!


After series of tests, I was diagnosed of  tubal blockage and then I entered the maze of IVF treatment. I went through 3 cycles but every time the result was negative. Gradually, my physical and mental strength started showing signs of discomfort. I could not sleep properly neither could I eat anything. Lying in OT made me numb both physically and emotionally.


When My Babies Came Into My Life, To Go Away

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Finally, it was after the third cycle of IVF that I decided to stop all the torture. My body was not in a condition to handle any more of this internal or external pain, as I was already left with no emotions and strength. I could not sleep on the sides due to injections, drips and all wires around.


But due to family pressure for having a baby, I went for my last and fourth IVF. After few months one of my husband’s friend suggested us to visit Dr Nalini Mahajan ( Mother and Child Hospital ). They paid attention to our pain and put extra efforts to clear our doubts and issues. Since then we continued with her. Then I got pregnant with my twins. But destiny…..you cannot change.


Again after 3 months, situation went downhill and doctor advised me to have a complete bed rest. But after twenty-third week of my pregnancy, I got labor pains.


After spending almost 6 dreadful hours in pain I, gave birth to my twins with their heartbeats matching mine. But, they were premature and unable to survive. I was in complete shock…… no tears and no feelings.


Almost after 2 hours, my husband brought our twins in his arms and asked me to hold them for the first and last time. The moment I held them for that last look….all my emotions started flowing through my eyes rolling down to cheeks.

I did not want to part with them as I was hoping that my touch would pump up life in them.



Adoption Success Story – When I Decided To ‘Find’ My Baby 

After 5 days of all this dreadful pain, one of my uncles suggested us the name of the adoption center, ‘Maitrichhaya‘ in Delhi. My family readily agreed and within a week, we registered ourselves for the adoption of a girl child.


All staff members were really nice, they explained complete adoption procedure to us. They told us to submit one latest photograph of both of us,our property and family details. After a few days people from center visited our home and talked to other family members and checked every corner of our house like balconies,rooms, washrooms every thing.


After 2 months they called us to have a look at the child they have selected for us.  They provided us details and told us to visit any nearby doctor for all required blood tests. One of their staff member accompanied us for this.


Almost after 10-15 days they called my parents and in laws for some general queries like why we are adopting a girl child rather than a boy as we are a Punjabi business family and all other related things.


After completing all formalities, my adoption success story began when the adoption center members did proper pooja and we had our daughter. All legal formalities were completed within a year and I became a proud mother of a beautiful daughter in 2008.From then till now, we never faced any hassles or issues.


Here I want to mention important point that, it took almost 5 months to complete full procedure. But now all things are done online and time taken is almost 1-1.5 year.


The most wonderful and unforgettable moment of my life is – when I held her in my arms for the first time. And her smile still gives me strength and courage to fight back everything.


Nine years back, I gave her my name and now my identity is because of her. During all these years I have become my own consultant. But, now through my own experiences I want all of you to understand the beauty of life. I want to share this with all who are feeling lonely in this journey.



I don’t want you all to waste your precious years just to fight some biological hassles.


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Adoption Is A Wonderful Way to Enjoy Parenthood


Purnima is one such brave hearts who finds her own happiness. Instead of crying and blaming God for her infertility and miscarriages, she ‘worked’ towards her happiness and said yes to adoption!

Now, she has been counselling other couples to find their adoption success story. Her experience makes her so strong that she loves speaking and giving courage to all those couples who face difficulty in conceiving.

To speak to her personally if you are a parent in adoption and create your very own adoption success story, write to us.

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