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7 Yoga Asanas For Getting Pregnant That You Need To Know

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7 Yoga Asanas For Getting Pregnant That You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered about the magic of yoga? Studies have shown that regular practice of yoga can help relieve stress and increase blood circulation to reproductive organs thereby improving fertility-related problems. The incorporation of yoga into your daily routine can also help stabilize hormones, assist weight loss and also improve your overall mental state, and can help you prepare for a pregnancy. If you are looking to get pregnant or struggle with fertility-related issues, we have 7 yoga asanas for you to help get pregnant quickly! Continue reading the article to know more


Improve Fertility With Yoga

It is a known fact that yoga is an excellent way to stretch out your body, get rid of stress, and improve blood circulation. The biggest plus point of yoga is the versatility that it offers and its ability to target a wide range of physical and mental issues. Yoga is an excellent practice to strengthen the back muscles along with stimulating the uterus and ovaries. Targeted yoga can also help lower stress levels which will result in stabilization of necessary hormones improving fertility and resulting in a better state of mind.  Practicing yoga on a day to day basis is also said to strengthen the pelvic muscles allowing a woman to be better prepared to give birth and can also be a major positive addition to her daily routines.


Follow These Aasana’s To Help You Boost Fertility

Yoga in general is an excellent form of physical exercise, however targeted yoga can help you accomplish your purpose. We have curated a list of the 7 best yogic asanas to help you conceive and improve the overall functioning of your reproductive organs.


1. Dhanurasana To Increase Sperm Count


What Is This?

This asana is great for your back, abdominal, arm, and thigh muscles. It works the entire cardiovascular system and improves overall blood circulation and flexibility.


What Are The Benefits?

This asana is great for improving overall blood circulation and is especially advantageous for men as it can help improve sperm count and also sperm quality. Performing this asana for 1 minute can yield great results.


How Do I Perform This?

To perform, this pose, lie on a mat with your stomach facing the ground. Lift your legs and arch them towards your head and hold your legs with your arms right over your back. The pose will resemble a bow. Stay in this position for a minute daily.

Avoid This Pose If you suffer from heart conditions or have a slipped disc. If you suffer from high blood pressure, hernia appendicitis, colitis, duodenal, or peptic ulcers, you must not perform this pose.


2. Hal Asana To Enhance Reproductive Wellness


What is this?

The Hal asana or the plough pose is one of the most efficient poses to help target reproductive organs such as the uterus and ovaries in women and improve overall wellness. It is said to help regularise menstrual cycles and build flexibility.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of this pose are that it improves circulation of blood to the ovaries and the uterus and also helps build lower abdominal strength and boost flexibility.


How do I perform this?

First, lie down flat on a mat, and then lifting your legs,  bend from the hip joints to slowly lower your toes to the floor above and beyond your head touching the ground. This pose can be tricky for people with no prior experience so practice it to the extent that your body permits you. Do not overexert yourself and be mindful of any potential injuries to the neck and spine.

Avoid This Pose if you are pregnant or menstruating. Avoid practicing Halasana in case you suffer from any of this condition: Slipped disc, severe pain or injury in back or neck, hernia, sciatica, enlarged thyroid, spleen or liver, cervical problems, heart conditions, or frequent headaches.


3. Sethu Bandhasana To Manage Endometriosis


What is it?

This pose is also commonly referred to as the bridge pose and is very effective for women suffering from endometriosis. It targets the uterus and improves blood circulation to the essential reproductive organs.


What are the benefits?

This asana works by improving blood circulation to the uterus and is also very effective for controlling thyroid levels and manage the growth of endometrium tissue. This asana is also great for improving the functioning of the digestive systems.


How do I perform this?

To perform this asana, lie flat on your mat with your hands to your side. Slowly lift your lower body with your knees bent and hold for 30 secs- 1 min every day for results.

Avoid This Pose If you have back/hip/ knee pains or are suffering from a migraine.


4. Fish Pose For Thyroid Health


What is it?

The fish pose is perhaps one of the best asanas for maintaining one’s thyroid levels to normal. This pose is also excellent for improving circulation to the thyroid glands.


What are the benefits?

This pose works best if you’re trying to maintain overall reproductive and thyroid health. The asana stretches the neck and throat to stimulate the thyroid glands and is also excellent for hypothyroidism along with spinal and abdominal well being.


How do I perform this?

To perform this pose, you must sit on a mat with your legs extended forward. Then, with your hands rested by your side, you must recline back, stretching your shoulders and neck. Practice this for 30 secs -1 min every day to see results.

Avoid This Pose If you have High Blood pressure, insomnia, or are pregnant.


5. Prasarita Padottanasana For Healthy Foliciles


What is this?

This pose is a wide-legged standing forward bend that is a great fertility asana. It is ideal for women having irregular follicles and works by improving blood supply to the organs.  It is also beneficial for women having menstrual issues.


What are the benefits?

This asana streamlines energy and bloody supply to the reproductive organs and also pumps blood to the brain, pituitary glands, and can help you get healthy follicles. It is also great to help relieve fatigue, back pain, anxiety, low and high BP, diabetes, and menstrual cramps.


How do I perform this?

Place your feet firmly into the mat, and distribute your weight evenly between your big toes, pinkie toes, inner heels, and outer heels. Following this, straighten your legs, and lift your kneecaps to engage your thighs. Put your hands on your hips, draw a deep breath in, lift your chest, and start to move your heart forward and up. Practice this for 3-5 mins daily for results.

Avoid this pose if you suffer from vertigo, migraine, or have digestive issues.


6. Bhujangasana For Abdominal Health


What is it?

This pose, commonly known as the cobra pose is the best asana for abdominal health and does a great job of inculcating blood flow. It also helps In facilitating fertilization.


What are the benefits?

This asana is great to improve blood supply to reproductive organs such as the uterus. This asana helps in the production of cervical mucus that helps the sperm to slide in smoothly to reach the egg. It increases blood supply to the uterus & facilitates healthy fertilization. This pose is also great to strengthen the back, spine, pelvis, toes, and abdomen.


How do I perform it?

Lie flat on the floor with your stomach on the floor. Place your palms flat on the ground directly under your shoulders. Bend your elbows straight back and hug them into your sides. Keeping your neck neutral, lift your chest while breathing. Do this for 20-30 secs.

Avoid This Pose if you have a back injury, are pregnant, have high BP, are menstruating, or suspecting pregnancy.


7. Bow Pose For PCOS Management


What is it?

This pose is one of the most effective for PCOS management as it can help relieve symptoms and regularise cycles. It can also reduce pain and promote hormone management.


What are the benefits?

This pose stimulates abdominal organs and refreshes the pituitary glands and heart, therefore, stabilizing hormones. It also massages the internal organs and relieves back pain, shoulder, ankle, and leg pain. It also improves the function of the liver and kidney.


How do I perform this?

To perform, this pose, lie on a mat with your stomach facing the ground. Lift your legs and arch them towards your head and hold your legs with your arms right over your back. The pose will resemble a bow. Stay in this position for 20-45 secs daily.

Avoid this pose if you have any spine, shoulder, knee, or back injury.


Caution: Every exercise varies from person to person. Please consider consulting an expert before performing any of the above asanas. If you are someone who suffers from health conditions, see a doctor before taking up any treatment. Do not self prescribe treatments.


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